Pea Greens Salad


1 cup Supreme Cuts Sugar Snap Peas
cup Supreme Cuts Snow Peas
cup Supreme Cuts English Green Peas
2 tablespoons lemon juice
teaspoon sugar
teaspoon salt
cup vegetable oil
1 cup sliced radishes
6 cups pea greens
3 tablespoons chopped mint


In a kettle of boiling salted water cook sugar snap peas for about 2 minutes. Add snow and green peas and cook for a minute. Drain peas in colander and rinse in cold water. Pat dry on paper towels. In small bowl whisk together lemon juice, sugar, salt, and oil until sugar is dissolved. In a larger bowl toss all peas with dressing and radishes. Line a serving platter with pea greens, and spoon salad onto plate. Sprinkle with chopped mint. Serve and enjoy.

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