About Us

Supreme Cuts, LLC is a high quality pre-cut vegetable processor located in Mahwah, NJ.

Although the brand name is new, the Supreme Cuts management team draws from over thirty years experience as a pre-cut vegetable processor. Today, Supreme Cuts is expanding so rapidly we now have two product lines, a retail and foodservice line.

We deliver to a 1500 mile radius of our NJ state location.

In 2002 Supreme Cuts developed a food service line of snipped green bean. In December of 2003, Supreme Cuts began processing a full line of peeled potato products both with and without preservatives.

In October of 2004 we added a retail snipped green bean line including snipped green beans and rainbow meadley in six-color 12 oz packages. Sales have been excellent. Our customers include some of the largest supermarket chains in the Baltimore-Boston corridor.

In February 2005 we added trimmed brussels sprouts in an 8 ounce tamper proof container. As with other retail items, this item is complete with cooking instructions, recipes and UPC codes. This is the first in a new family of precut vegetables at Supreme Cuts.

In March of 2005 we furthered our line by adding wrapped baby vegetable program in a 8 oz. fully microwavable tray. The six new items include snow peas, sugar snaps, French beans, baby yellow patty pan, baby green patty pan and baby green zucchini. These items have beautiful six color “peelable” labels with cooking instructions and recipes on the back.

We have several new items that are selling fast!  All include beautiful five color labels. They consist of 2/pack Belgian endive (less shrink), 8 oz. Baby carrots with tops, 8 oz snipped green beans and snipped wax beans combo (on micro tray), 8 oz. peeled garlic, 8 oz. peeled shallots and several combination Baby vegetable trays including French Beans, Green and Yellow Patti Pan and Green Zucchini.

As of July 16th, 2007, due to our continued growth, we have moved into a new state of the art facility located in Mahwah, NJ.  We have refrigerated loading docks and the latest triple wash and packaging equipment available!

We also, launched our newest and most exciting product not available anywhere else, fresh cut “Off the Cob” corn (see our new products page).